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With Uber and Lyft expanding around the world, they have been increasing their Signup Bonuses for new drivers getting started in Laguna Beach.

They offer the bonuses as way of getting new drivers driving for them. this is a great marketing tool for them and is something you should definitely take advantage of if you want to Drive For Uber Laguna Beach.

If you are ready to get started with Driving with Uber click the button below. It will take you to an Uber signup page where you can receive a signup bonus that can go anywhere from $100 up to $1000.

Make Easy Money

You can make money with ridesharing  anytime you want. Whether part-time or full-time you can make great money and get paid weekly.

Drive On Your Own Schedule 

You can work whenever or whatever time you prefer. You have no boss or office to report into. You make money on your own time

Meet New People

Driving for Lyft and Uber is a great way to meet new people in your community while becoming a local expert of the area!

Driving with Uber In Laguna Beach

Before You Start the Uber Laguna Beach Application

Determine whether you are eligible to drive. You must be at least 21 years old, with a personal license and personal auto insurance.
You must own a car, and you must have a clean driving record. You must own an iPhone (4S or newer) or Android (2013 or newer), or rent a smartphone from Uber.
[3] Your vehicle must be a 2000 make or newer; it must have four doors, and it may not be salvaged. If you don't have a vehicle, Uber can help you get loans and discounts.

Decide which Uber service best suits your means and goals.
There are several price tiers of Uber service, and you may or may not be eligible for any of them based on your vehicle, your available time, and your prior experience.

uberX: uberX is "the low-cost Uber", the standard service that makes up the bulk of the business. You must be at least 21 years old, with a personal license and personal auto insurance.
You must drive "any mid-size or full-size 4-door vehicle, in excellent condition." Sample vehicles listed on the Uber website include a Toyota Prius, and a Honda Civic.

uberXL: uberXL provides "low-cost rides for large groups". You must drive a larger car to qualify, but you can charge a higher base fare, more per minute, and more per mile than you would with uberX. Sample vehicles include a Toyota Sienna or a Honda Odyssey.

UberBLACK: UberBLACK is "the original Uber". To drive for UberBLACK, you must be "a professional chauffeur with a commercial license and commercial auto insurance." The base fare is the same as uberXL, but you can charge more money per minute and more per mile.
Your vehicle must be a "black luxury sedan or crossover vehicle that comfortably seats 4 passengers, or a full-size SUV that comfortably seats at least 6 passengers." Sample vehicles include a Lincoln Town Car Executive, a Toyota Camry, and a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

UberSUV: UberSUV purports to provide "room for everyone". It is the next-priciest option above UberBLACK, with nearly double the base fare and a higher per-minute rate. Recommended vehicles include a Ford Explorer and a Yukon.
uberTAXI: uberTAXI allows taxi drivers to drive with Uber in addition to their standard service.
You must be a taxi driver who is currently certified and licensed by the city; you must drive a commercial taxi vehicle. You will book passengers at your standard taxi meter rate, plus a $1 booking fee. You will receive a 20% tip by default from each ride.

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 Uber Driver Requirements Laguna Beach

To be an Uber driver—or what Uber calls a “driver partner"—, you'll be required to meet certain criteria before you're hired.

This includes:
A minimum age requirement of 21 years old.
Minimum 3 years driving experience.
Car insurance under your name.
Insurance must also be in the same state you'll be driving in and meet that state's minimum requirements.
A Social Security number.
Submission to a background check, which will look for:
History of operating a vehicle without insurance.
Suspended licenses.
Reckless driving charges.
Criminal history.
If you have a clean driving history and no criminal record, you may meet the general requirements


Do I Need a Commercial Driver's License?
For most U.S. cities that Uber operates in, you do not need to possess a commercial driver license (CDL) in order to be an UberX driver (their basic level of service). However, when you begin the application process, you'll be instructed as to whether your chosen level of driver partner requires a higher class of license.
Uber Vehicle Requirements

Along with the driver requirements, your vehicle will also need to meet certain criteria to be accepted under Uber's minimum standards.
The vehicle requirements for Uber's basic services (UberX) include:
Model year 2000 or newer for most cities.
Select cities may have more rigid minimum requirements.
A sedan that can seat at least 4 passengers, excluding you (the driver).
State-issued license plates.
Has NOT been previously salvaged OR used for taxi-related services:

Keep in mind that Uber has several different options for customers looking luxury vehicles, such as:
These high-end services necessitate additional vehicle requirements to meet Uber's luxury vehicle standards and professional chauffeur services.

Applying to Be an Uber Driver Laguna Beach

Once you and your vehicle have met Uber's eligibility requirements, you can begin the Uber application process.
Here are the steps you'll need to take:
Fill out an application online.
Have your vehicle inspected.
Uber requires potential candidates to have his or her vehicle inspected at an Uber inspection station or by a certified third party.
Submit the paperwork for your background check.
Uber will indicate what they need from you for this.
Once you've passed each of the first three steps, you'll be allowed to set your schedule and begin picking up clients.

Start Driving—How Uber Works

After you've been approved to begin driving as an Uber partner, here's how your experience will typically go:
You'll open the Uber driver app Laguna Beach when you're ready to start accepting rides. Your username is typically your e-mail address.
Uber provides a phone with the Uber driver app set up on the device.
If you would rather use your own smartphone, Uber will provide you with the setup details.
For more on the Uber driver app, please watch Uber's instructional video.
When a rider requests an Uber, the driver closest to them automatically receives the trip request—so if that's you, the notification will pop up on your app.
You'll accept the trip, and use the navigation to drive to the client's pick-up location.
The app will charge the rider, so you won't need to collect any fees during your drive.
When the ride is over, you AND your rider will have the opportunity to rate one another.
Uber will pay you every Thursday through direct deposit.
Check out Uber's guide to payment and earnings calculations.
Uber drivers are paid based upon the number of rides they provide to customers. In order to maintain your Uber partner account, you'll need to accept 1 trip or more every 30 days or less. If you don't, you may have to reapply.



Additonal tips

Uber is a service that has fascinated both rides and drivers in the recent years. Riders who need a ride and request one with a few simple clicks, and drivers can earn great money. Whether it be to pay bills or to earn a solid income, ridesharing is a great means to fill your checking account.

If you're looking to get started with Uber in Laguna Beach, keeping these few simple tips in mind can help keep you. 

Know Your Location
Driving with Uber in the Laguna Beach area is a profitable way to make money, but make sure you know the hot spots.  Driving in busy nightlife or event spots is where it is most profitable to drive. 

Refine Your Driving Skills

As an Uber driver, you are supposed to offer a safe ride for your passengers. Using a driving app like Waze is going to come in handy. I advise you to download Waze now if you aren't use to using it, and practice driving around town.  Driving safely is uttermost importance. Uber will not put up with unsafe driving. If you feel like you have a tendency of driving not to par, take some time develop safer driving habits before you drive customers around.  Not only is it important for your drivers safety you are also reviewed after each ride. If your score gets too low you are at risk of losing your driving account. If other rides see that you have a low rating, they may decline rides from you.

Keep Your Car Clean

You'll need a clean car that is in a safe driving condition to drive for Uber. Passengers who step into a dirty and messy vehicle may end up providing you with a low rating. In fact, they may decline the ride entirely if your rating is low. Also, offering this type of ride is unprofessional and you want to be as professional as you can. 

Stock Your Vehicle

Cleaning up your car and taking it to the shop for an inspection are two important parts of getting started; however, you may want to take your customer-appreciation skills a bit further. Some Uber drivers offer water, soda and even snacks for their riders. People may be cautious to accept food or drinks from a stranger, so don't pile up on the treats. Driving for Uber in the Laguna Beach areas will introduce you to many people, so you can gauge how much you'll need before buying more.

Rideshare FAQ's


What is Ridesharing 

Ridesharing is the new taxi experience. A peer to peer system where riders and drivers use smartphones and an APP to connect with each other for getting rides around town. Companies like Uber, Lyft, and sidecar provide the APP and pay drivers for these rides.


How much do uber drivers make Laguna Beach


The amount of money one makes is very dependant on a lot of factors. It matters when you drive and what area of the city you drive in. Some drivers can bring in around $30 an hour and others may bring in less.


How to become an uber driver Laguna Beach


To become a driver all you need to do is go to the page here.  This will direct you to a short sign up page  where you will be signed as our referral. This way both of us will receive a bonus. 


The second step is getting your car inspected. Uber provides recommendations on where this can be accomplished for free in your area.


The third step is getting is waiting for your background check to clear.


After that you are pretty much all set. Just watch a few videos , download the driver app and you are all set to drive and make money.



Uber Driving Application Laguna Beach

If you are ready to start driving in the Laguna Beach area. Congrats it is a great opportunity. The application page is available at the click of the button here. You'll also receive a Signup bonus that will be paid to you after a small amount of drives.

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