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To get started as an Uber driver in Laguna Beach all you need to do is click the button here and go to a referral signup up form. This form will be the first step to getting signed up as a driver. You will also receive a signup bonus here as well up to a $1000.

Applying to Be an Uber Driver in Laguna Beach


Once you ready and your vehicle has met Uber's eligibility requirements, you can begin the Uber application process outlined here:

Here are the steps you'll need to take to get started:

  • Fill out an application - click here for application
  • Get your vehicle inspected.
    • Uber requires potential candidates to have his or her vehicle inspected at an Uber inspection station or by a certified third party.
  • Submit the paperwork for your background check.
    • Uber will indicate what they need from you for this.

Once you've passed each of the first three steps, you'll be allowed to set your schedule and begin picking up clients.

(source: DMV.org)

Working for uber - FAQs

Do Uber drivers go through a background check process?

Uber states that they do in the US.

This includes a three-step criminal background screening for the U.S. — with county, federal and multi-state checks that go back as far as the law allows [Uber website linked to above]

Does Uber provide training for new drivers?

It does when you sign up I believe. That same video is available on their website as well.Training Video . I doubt they provide training on customer service as that depends on the driver, How they behave with the customer. Everyone knows that uber or lyft take the rating seriously (I guess at least for drivers) so before doing anything wrong or misbehaving with customers/drivers one would think twice. Though in past there has many cases of misbehaving by a customer and driver. So customer service really depends on one's nature. Hope this helps.


How long does an average Uber driver wait between fares?

In busy cities like SF and most of the Bay Area during peak times such as Friday and Saturday nights: 0 seconds. A driver will immediately get a pick up request as soon as he goes back online after completing a trip. This goes on the whole shift. He or she has to turn the phone off in order to take a break or go use the restroom.

Good thing you asked because a lot of riders have this dumb assumption that they are the only passengers in the whole town and the drivers have nothing to do after they drop off that they can wait and sit in the parking lot of the restaurant or house and give the passengers a ride back home when they're done eating dinner.

With that said, I estimate the ratio between riders and drivers is at least 10 to 1 and during peak times it can jump to 100 rider request for every 1 driver. So consider yourself lucky when you get picked up by an UberX driver.

second answer:

I'm Uber Black in Boston.  On a slow shift (weekdays mid-day) I might have over an hour.  When it's hopping, less than five minutes.  I imagine the UberX is different and varies a lot by city, though.



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