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Here you will find some of the top questions around the web on driver with Uber.


How much do Uber drivers make make Anaheim?

It's all relative to what you make of it. If you treat it like a job and show up to work your shift, you just won't make as much as if you treat it like a professional business. If you remain professional in attitude and appearance at all times, your customers will appreciate you more. Wear comfortable, yet suitable clothing as a sort of uniform that is suitable for the passengers you plan to pick up and keep your vehicle clean, smelling nice, and inviting for passengers. Keep the dash trinkets to a minimum. I can't stress keeping your vehicle clean enough. Keep your own eating and drinking within the vehicle to a minimum. If you must have a drink, such as coffee, drink it outside of the car or at least when you have no passengers. I would recommend drinking only water from a clean bottle while in the vehicle with passengers. You will score higher on the reviews by following tips like that.

Have business cards printed up and placed where a passenger can get one. Repeat business, especially from business class customers who will call you directly will increase your income even more.  You may be required to get the proper business licenses and permits for your area, carry the proper insurance, and most likely get a CDL driver's license. I think having a CDL qualification is important to being a driver for such a service, although it's not a requirement in all areas.  You'll also need a way for those side customers to pay you with a credit card.

The type of vehicle you drive for Uber can designate which of their services you can qualify to drive for, provided they are offered in your area. For instance, almost any four door vehicle will work for their basic service, UberX. While a black with black interior large sedan would qualify for UberBlack, which pays more in base fare and more per mile.  In some areas, a black with a black interior SUV with a third row seat will qualify a driver to pick up passengers for the most types of services offered by Uber if they are offered, UberX, UberBlack, UberSUV, UberXL, and UberLUX. Not only would you get paid a higher rate for those services, but you will also get fares more often.  Plus, getting to ride in a luxury vehicle turns the trip into an experience to remember for many riders who aren't able to do so on a regular basis. 

Do keep in mind that a vehicle like that will cost more to purchase and maintain, especially for things like gas, insurance, and eventually repairs.  If going the luxury vehicle route, I would recommend using that vehicle only for your business and having a second less expensive car to run your personal errands in, such as hauling your own pets, kids, or any items that will require you to clean your vehicle more often. Starting out with your current four door car and creating a plan and schedule for upgrading over time to a better car that qualifies for more services would be an excellent way improve your income over time.   

You also might team up with another driver, such as a good friend or relative, and share a vehicle by taking shifts, since you won't be able to drive it more than eight to ten hours a day. However, if either of you get into an accident with it, you are both likely out of a job until it gets repaired.

Offering perks, such as bottles of cool water, breath mints, gum, a lint brush, etc will also increase your review ratings drastically. Look for ways to go the extra mile for your passengers, too.

You are required to accept any service animals in your vehicle, so be prepared for that on occasion as well. If you don't mind accepting other pets, have something on to protect your seats from a carrier, dog nails, and even pet fur and allow them in the vehicle. Pet owners in need of a ride can result in some of the best tips ever.

Work at least an 8 to 10 hour shift and always take a 30 minute to 1 hour lunch at the four or five hour mark to relax. Get out of the car and stretch on a regular basis. If you remain available in the app during your drive home, you might pick up an extra fare. You can clean your vehicle between fares without logging out of the service.

Pay attention to where the best areas are for picking up your riders and develop a strategy for being in the right place at the right time.  Find locations that can help you to keep your vehicle clean and places with clean restrooms to use. Keep good records for yourself and the IRS, too. I'd recommend hiring a professional tax person for advice and assistance with filing your taxes as an independent contractor.

Put aside some of your income for regular repairs and maintenance, such as oil changes, and tires. Changing your own oil and filter or learning to do the maintenance yourself will save you some money, but you might be able to work out a frequent use savings plan with a mechanic for those services. It might be more lucrative to pay for the service in order to get back on the road quickly. Setting aside a part of your income for your next vehicle is a good idea as well. Figure out approximately when your current vehicle will need to be replaced and save accordingly. Plan to pay cash for a used vehicle with low mileage to maximize your savings.

Lastly, I know some drivers will drive for multiple ride sharing services at the same time. If you can juggle the needed process for that, you can increase your income quite a bit, too. Since you are an independent contractor, Uber can't stop you from doing this, but you'll have to remember to log out of the other services you aren't using if you pick up a fare in another one. Then you'll need to remember to log back into them once that trip is complete.


Uber Driver Interview

(Uber driver's experience)

I applied online. The process took 1+ week. I interviewed at Uber (San Francisco, CA) in May 2016.


My vehicle information and insurance check was required after general personal information was provided. A background check was performed. After you applied and uploaded your information, it them several days to respond back via text.I never talked to anyone over the phone. I do appreciate there was no pressure involved in the process.




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